08 June 2019 Singapore-Frankfurt-Iceland

@Changi Airport
Ready to go....

From Singapore to Frankfurt...
... Dinner

 ... Breakfast (before Transit @ Frankfurt)

Transit @ Frankfurt Airport

From Frankfurt to Reykjavik...
... Lunch

A gentle reminder to all visitors - before they walk out of the airport to start their venture.

Useful info in a nutshell.

The advertisement is big. Before coming to Iceland, hearsay told us that Iceland is an almost cashless society and therefore the need to transfer cash into a cash card in order to make purchases.
Nevertheless, cash is equally welcomed in Iceland; though cash card saves the trouble of carrying lots of cash and it provides access to the balance quite easily.

Hence, one needs not get overly concern or spend time to try converting cash to credit before the trip.

09 June 2019 Day 1 The Journey Begins...

Breakfast @ Hotel Cabin

The coach that took us along the Ring Road (Route) for 6 days...

Checked in to Hotel Burfell, near the coast with unblocked view

10 June 2019 Day 2 Lobster Feast

Dinner, after an intensive day (glacier hike)

It's a Lobster Meal!


The aftermath

Checked in to Hofn-Inn

11 June 2019 Day 3 Egilsstaðir Diner & the Midnight Sun

Dinner @ Egilsstaðir

It's fastfood, immersed in the american music of the 60s....

Checked in to Hotel Valaskjalf where we attempted to catch the midnight sun for the first time in Iceland.

12 June 2019 Day 4 Head North - Meals by the Pool/ Seaside

Breakfast before we set off for a more relaxed day...

Lunch @ Myvatn (Nature Bath)

Dinner @ Akureyri

13 June 2019 Day 5 Out at the Sea; Out in the Desert

Dinner @ Hotel Laugarbakki

Hotel Laugarbakki - a hotel that exists in the 'desert' - the best one we had for the entire trip, almost comparable, in terms of size, facilities and comfort to those in other cities.

The evening sun at around 9 pm.